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So 6 days on…..

I now have lots of (can’t be bothered to count them all) Cosmos babies:

Cosmos babies

Some Rudbeckia’s are just sprouting and the basil is on its way.


New seed baby already!!!

I was completely shocked this morning to see that one of the cosmos seeds had germinated already. That is about 36 hours(ish):



New for 2018…

I sowed a whole batch of seeds today. Some from my garden last year, some from packets and some from friends gardens.


Aquilegia, basil, coreopsis, cosmos (3 colours), musk mallow, nigella, Passion flower, poppies (red & pink) and rudbeckia. 112 plugs/pots in total.

Round 2 Seeds Propagator 1

Just planted some more seeds where I have repotted seedlings or the seeds have not germinated yet:

Marigolds – M1 x 6 / M2 x 6 / M3 x 6 – (Only M1 x 1 germinated)

Musk Mallow – M4 x 12 – (None germinated)

Scabious – S x 6 – (2 germinated but would like more!)


Unknown seeds

This is just a trial to see what comes up! I have 4 lots of seeds that I could not identify so here goes:

Unknown seeds

U1 x 12 – Daisy like orange flower – not sure if they are seeds?

U2 x 12 – Maguerite (yellow) –  not sure if they are seeds?

U3 x S3 – Gailardia Fanfare or Echinacea – yellow with dark centres?

U4 x 12ish – Photo only (from Mary)


Sowed 10 basil seeds and put on the kitchen window sill in a plastic bag.

Propagator 1 – after 7 days

Propagator1 7d

It’s all go here!!!

After just 4 days…

the first propagator has produced these….

Seedling ZinniaSeedling GaillardiaSeedling Marigold Y


Second Propagator full


All these seeds need a temperature of 10-15 degrees.

A propagator full of seeds…



All the seeds need between 20 – 25 degrees to germinate, so they are staying in the kitchen on the windowsill. Now, fingers crossed and just wait patiently(ish)!