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New Chrysanthemum

Yesterday we bought a beautiful Chrysanthemum Morifolium for just 3€, it’s a gorgeous colour and is full of blooms:


It is now planted and the flowerbed looks like this….


Not bad for just over 4 months old. I know it’s messy with all the leaves, but there are still lots to fall off the trees, so there seems little point in clearing it all until they have all gone.


I planted 3 Lavandula angustifolia (Lidl) that Rose and Peter bought us last Thursday. It was far too hot to plant then, it was 35 odd degrees!!! Now here they are in situ…Flowerbed150705

The fennel is not fairing very well at all, but we shall see!?!

Horse Manure & Fennel!?!

This morning I dug in 10l of horse manure to the flowerbed. I love my “Claw” I think I would still be out there now if I didn’t have it!!

This afternoon our friends gave us a fennel plant, unfortuately it had been out of the ground and in the the sun for 5 hours before we could bring it home. So needless to say I watered it thoroughly, dug a nice whole, watered that thoroughly then planted it. It looks dreadful and I can’t imagine it will survive but we will give it a go!

First new plants!

The purpose of our new flowerbed is to give me a new hobby by collecting seeds and taking cuttings to fill the bed and make it look pretty! But we have given ourselves a start by buying 4 plants today and a bag of horse manure too. These are pretty crappy photos but it is just for info:


Aztec Marigold1

We bought an Anthemis, Aster, Coreopsis and Aztec Marigold! I know nothing about any of these plants, we just took a chance!