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Butterflies in the garden…

My buddleia cuttings from last year have done really well and this is the exact reason I wanted buddleia…

ST on buddleia

Today there were at least 10 Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and a couple of Wall butterflies on the lavender.

Fuchsia Cuttings

These fuchsias are beautiful! They come up every year in our friends garden, so yesterday she gave me some cuttings. I took photos first so that I would remember what they are and to discover their name:


I then trimmed 4 stems into approx. 10cm lengths and stripped off all the flowers, buds and just left 4/5 leaves per cutting. Placing them in small pots to fit in the propagator tray, I used my seed/cutting compost and watered well. (Removing any excess water from the tray.)

Fuchsia Cuttings

I then labelled the tray and put the clear plastic lid on. They will be kept moist and stored indoors in an unheated room. Fingers crossed, as I have no idea if they will take at this time of year. (It is incredibly mild for October though!)

Fuchsia Cuttings (de Groots Dream?)

I acquired a stem of De Groots Dream (well after much research I think it is?) fuchsia today. I know it grows into a huge bush, is deciduous and these are the flowers:Fuchsia dGD2

I divided the stem into 6 cuttings and pretty much did the same as the buddleia cuttings a few days ago.

This photo was taken 1 week later, I can’t believe how well they are all doing!!

Fuchsia dGD1

First Cuttings!

I have never taken cuttings before so here goes…. The first are buddleia (white), from our good friends, I planted these on the 19/06/2015:


I looked up online what you need for cuttings ie. compost for cuttings, root hormone powder, cold frame/greenhouse. It’s a no to all of those!! So I put some soil from the garden in to some pots I had in the garage, placed them in a large pot which was half full of old soil (from grasses that had died off) in a sheltered and shaded part of the garden. Watered them well and crossed my fingers. The above photo is taken just over 2 weeks from planting and I’ve only lost one, not bad! It has been warm and I am watering them twice a day if it doesn’t rain.