Aquilegia Vulgaris

RHS – Aquilegia Vulgaris

Touchwood Plants – Aquilegia Vulgaris

Seed Cultivation

Taken from Touchwood Plants…

Sow in winter, anytime after Christmas. Keep the 3” pots in an unheated greenhouse (keeps cats etc at bay!) after very lightly covering the seeds with compost. Then wait. They’ll come up in their own good time. Germination is from 13 weeks to just 5 weeks 2 days. If you sow May-July they’ll germinate in about 4 weeks. Sow in January as there’s little else gardening-wise to do. After germination, thin out to a reasonable number, certainly not more than twice the number you will ‘need’. You can thin out the green-leafed forms from coloured-leaf cultivars at this time (and for white flowered cultivars, select seedlings with no purple in their leaf stems*). Prick out when large enough to handle (don’t leave too long as root growth is rapid).  First soak the pot with water, then tip out the contents and tease seedlings apart from the edge of the compost ball. Place them directly where they are to grow on: either in nursery rows in the garden or in grow-bags. Harden off seedlings for a couple of weeks beforehand……just leave them in the relatively protected area between shed and greenhouse.