Propagator 1 – after 7 days

Propagator1 7d

It’s all go here!!!

After just 4 days…

the first propagator has produced these….

Seedling ZinniaSeedling GaillardiaSeedling Marigold Y


Second Propagator full


All these seeds need a temperature of 10-15 degrees.

A propagator full of seeds…



All the seeds need between 20 – 25 degrees to germinate, so they are staying in the kitchen on the windowsill. Now, fingers crossed and just wait patiently(ish)!

Seed Table

I have just finished creating a table with details on all the seeds I have to sow this year (“Seed Table” in the top Menu!)

It took some work, but fun and I must have learned some of it along the way??? It’s going to be sowing time very soon, so I have to get myself armed with all my pots, labels, propagators, soil, etc. then the fun can begin!!!!

Aquilegia seeds..

Sowed my first Aquilegia seeds today along with some more sweet peas.

AQ1 – Mixed Aquilegia from Fina x 6 pots in propagtor

AQ2 – Mixed Aquilegia from Jan (May be a few years old?) x 3 pots in propagtor

SP2 – Sweet Peas (Bright Purple/pink) x 3 pots in propagtor

More bulbs

Yesterday I planted 15 Dutch Iris bulbs and 7 Fritillarias, some of each in both flowerbeds.

My new nursery..

Look what my brilliant OH made me today for storing all my new seedlings, cuttings, etc.

New Nursery

This was previously a cage for my bunnies, but has now been upcycled for my new hobby. It is perfect, the light can get everywhere as there are no solid surfaces, there will be no ventilation problems and it also has wheels so is really easy to move around. It will be stored in the “greenhouse” (which is an unheated room in our house used for storage). It means I don’t have to go outside to the garage in the winter months to check on my new plant babies, what a lucky girl!!


Sprouting seeds!

Late last night I went to check on the cuttings, seeds and off shoot in the “greenhouse”. To my surprise I found these little babies:



They have only been in 19 days! Yippeeee!!

New Chrysanthemum

Yesterday we bought a beautiful Chrysanthemum Morifolium for just 3€, it’s a gorgeous colour and is full of blooms:


It is now planted and the flowerbed looks like this….


Not bad for just over 4 months old. I know it’s messy with all the leaves, but there are still lots to fall off the trees, so there seems little point in clearing it all until they have all gone.