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Another surprise…

…was the Liatris spicata – button snakewort. Another cheapy packet of bulbs last year, we had a few flowers then, but this year we’ve had a spectacular display. What’s more the bees and butterflies love it!!


Fussy birdies…

I was so pleased when I saw the bird seed disappearing everyday from our new seed feeder. I thought that the birds must be really enjoying it so much. WRONG! When we put a camera outside to capture all this new activity we discovered that the birds don’t eat all the seed, they just throw it all on the floor until they find their favourite  – sunflower seeds.

Here are the culprits beautiful female Chaffinch and Great Tit in action…


Lavender Cuttings 

Thought I’d give this a go as the bees and butterflies are loving the flowers! So it’s a must for more lavender in the garden next year.  

A ladybird comes to visit…

…on my daffodils



Unknown seeds

This is just a trial to see what comes up! I have 4 lots of seeds that I could not identify so here goes:

Unknown seeds

U1 x 12 – Daisy like orange flower – not sure if they are seeds?

U2 x 12 – Maguerite (yellow) –  not sure if they are seeds?

U3 x S3 – Gailardia Fanfare or Echinacea – yellow with dark centres?

U4 x 12ish – Photo only (from Mary)


Sowed 10 basil seeds and put on the kitchen window sill in a plastic bag.

More bulbs

Yesterday I planted 15 Dutch Iris bulbs and 7 Fritillarias, some of each in both flowerbeds.