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Aquilegia seeds..

Sowed my first Aquilegia seeds today along with some more sweet peas.

AQ1 – Mixed Aquilegia from Fina x 6 pots in propagtor

AQ2 – Mixed Aquilegia from Jan (May be a few years old?) x 3 pots in propagtor

SP2 – Sweet Peas (Bright Purple/pink) x 3 pots in propagtor

Sprouting seeds!

Late last night I went to check on the cuttings, seeds and off shoot in the “greenhouse”. To my surprise I found these little babies:



They have only been in 19 days! Yippeeee!!

Sowed my first seeds!

I planted my first ever seeds today! Two types of Sweet Peas, I don’t know what varieties they are, but I do know they are perennials, one pale pink (SP1) the other bright pink/purple (SP2). They are from a very good friend who gave me lots of pods (which explode quite violently when the seeds are ready). I was watching Gardeners World a couple of weeks ago and Monty said that you could plant sweet peas this early and over-winter the plants ready to planted out in the spring. So I couldn’t wait, here goes…..

I planted 2 seeds in each pot / 4 pots of each variety (2 in trays and 2 in 6 cm vitapots just to experiment)

Sweet Peas SP1Sweet Peas SP2Sweet Pea pots

I filled the pots with seed compost almost to the top, then sat them in trays and watered them. The soil dropped quite a bit, I poured away the excess water in the trays. The seeds needed to be planted 1cm deep and so I placed the seeds on the soil and then filled the pots to the top (which was 1cm)! They will be stored  in a cold room in the house in front of a south facing window. They have lids on the propagator trays to retain the moisture. Germination time is 30 – 90 days 13C – 18C.