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Round 2 Seeds Propagator 1

Just planted some more seeds where I have repotted seedlings or the seeds have not germinated yet:

Marigolds – M1 x 6 / M2 x 6 / M3 x 6 – (Only M1 x 1 germinated)

Musk Mallow – M4 x 12 – (None germinated)

Scabious – S x 6 – (2 germinated but would like more!)


Propagator 1 – after 7 days

Propagator1 7d

It’s all go here!!!

After just 4 days…

the first propagator has produced these….

Seedling ZinniaSeedling GaillardiaSeedling Marigold Y


A propagator full of seeds…



All the seeds need between 20 – 25 degrees to germinate, so they are staying in the kitchen on the windowsill. Now, fingers crossed and just wait patiently(ish)!

First new plants!

The purpose of our new flowerbed is to give me a new hobby by collecting seeds and taking cuttings to fill the bed and make it look pretty! But we have given ourselves a start by buying 4 plants today and a bag of horse manure too. These are pretty crappy photos but it is just for info:


Aztec Marigold1

We bought an Anthemis, Aster, Coreopsis and Aztec Marigold! I know nothing about any of these plants, we just took a chance!