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Spring bulbs…

It’s time to start thinking about bulbs for a gorgeous spring display….

I love tulips and there are just so many varieties. This was my favourite from this year (see photo1 below). Trouble is I bought a tulip mix and have no idea what this one is called.

Then of course there is the lovely crocus which starts the spring off early with purple, white and yellow (see photo 2 below).

Last, but not least, you can’t have bulbs without daffodils, hopefully these will double for next spring (see photo 3 below).


First CrocusDaff2

These are just the ones that I already have in the garden, the ones I would like…………now there is a whole different matter.


** Thompson & Morgan 4 for 3 on a large range of bulbs **

First Crocus..

..of the year, from bulbs planted last autumn. What a beauty!!

First Crocus

Planted 85 bulbs today!

We bought 85 bulbs from Lidl a couple of weeks ago, with daffs, crocus, allium, tulips, anemone and grape hyacinth:


I nearly didn’t get them as I knew there wasn’t room in the flowerbed! But we decided that the area around the old poplar stump was a good place for the new editions. I dug over the area (a couple of days ago) to get rid of weeds and roots. I then dug in some horse manure, planted 2 clusters of grasses and marked out the places for the bulbs.

Today I planted all 85 bulbs – knackered but it’s worth it! Tulips and Anemones in the flower bed and the rest in the tree flowerbed.

Tree Flowerbed1

Tree Flowerbed2

It doesn’t look much at the moment but at least it is tidier than it used to be and has a purpose now!

The primroses are wild and just sprouted up at the beginning of the year, so they are staying!

I have labelled the bulbs in the flowerbed as I don’t want to be weeding the wrong things:

A – Anemones
A1 – Allium Moly
A2 – Allium Oreophilum
T – Tulip