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New butterfly in the garden….

I collected this little fella as a caterpillar a few weeks ago. He was around for a few days then turned into a pupa. Ten days later this gorgeous creature emerged from it’s chrysalis and we released it in the garden, on to the buddleia. Firstly I could not believe that it didn’t fly off straight away, then what came next was quite incredible……

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Video of even more butterflies in the garden…

Here is a gorgeous video of just some of the butterflies that were in our garden yesterday. There were about 30 in total at one time (although very difficult to count!).

Butterflies in the garden…

My buddleia cuttings from last year have done really well and this is the exact reason I wanted buddleia…

ST on buddleia

Today there were at least 10 Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and a couple of Wall butterflies on the lavender.

First Cuttings!

I have never taken cuttings before so here goes…. The first are buddleia (white), from our good friends, I planted these on the 19/06/2015:


I looked up online what you need for cuttings ie. compost for cuttings, root hormone powder, cold frame/greenhouse. It’s a no to all of those!! So I put some soil from the garden in to some pots I had in the garage, placed them in a large pot which was half full of old soil (from grasses that had died off) in a sheltered and shaded part of the garden. Watered them well and crossed my fingers. The above photo is taken just over 2 weeks from planting and I’ve only lost one, not bad! It has been warm and I am watering them twice a day if it doesn’t rain.