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Video of even more butterflies in the garden…

Here is a gorgeous video of just some of the butterflies that were in our garden yesterday. There were about 30 in total at one time (although very difficult to count!).

Butterflies in the garden…

My buddleia cuttings from last year have done really well and this is the exact reason I wanted buddleia…

ST on buddleia

Today there were at least 10 Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and a couple of Wall butterflies on the lavender.

Lavender Cuttings 

Thought I’d give this a go as the bees and butterflies are loving the flowers! So it’s a must for more lavender in the garden next year.  

A ladybird comes to visit…

…on my daffodils



First Grape Hyacinth

I’ve seen these everywhere for a couple of weeks now, but it’s only just now that mine are flowering. My Daffs are quite late too, but not bad for the first year!


Seedling update

Just a quick snap shot of some of the seedlings I have in the “nursery”.


These are my sunflower seedlings (seven), I think they are doing quite well! Thank you Fina!

Sunflower Seedlings

First Crocus..

..of the year, from bulbs planted last autumn. What a beauty!!

First Crocus

Round 2 Seeds Propagator 1

Just planted some more seeds where I have repotted seedlings or the seeds have not germinated yet:

Marigolds – M1 x 6 / M2 x 6 / M3 x 6 – (Only M1 x 1 germinated)

Musk Mallow – M4 x 12 – (None germinated)

Scabious – S x 6 – (2 germinated but would like more!)


Unknown seeds

This is just a trial to see what comes up! I have 4 lots of seeds that I could not identify so here goes:

Unknown seeds

U1 x 12 – Daisy like orange flower – not sure if they are seeds?

U2 x 12 – Maguerite (yellow) –  not sure if they are seeds?

U3 x S3 – Gailardia Fanfare or Echinacea – yellow with dark centres?

U4 x 12ish – Photo only (from Mary)


Sowed 10 basil seeds and put on the kitchen window sill in a plastic bag.