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Another surprise…

…was the Liatris spicata – button snakewort. Another cheapy packet of bulbs last year, we had a few flowers then, but this year we’ve had a spectacular display. What’s more the bees and butterflies love it!!



These were such a surprise! I bought some cheapy bulbs last year and had a few flowers. I never dreamed that the bulbs would come come up again this year, let alone give us such a beautiful display…


Pink Lily

Two lilies

Fussy birdies…

I was so pleased when I saw the bird seed disappearing everyday from our new seed feeder. I thought that the birds must be really enjoying it so much. WRONG! When we put a camera outside to capture all this new activity we discovered that the birds don’t eat all the seed, they just throw it all on the floor until they find their favourite  – sunflower seeds.

Here are the culprits beautiful female Chaffinch and Great Tit in action…


So 6 days on…..

I now have lots of (can’t be bothered to count them all) Cosmos babies:

Cosmos babies

Some Rudbeckia’s are just sprouting and the basil is on its way.


It’s been 4 days and look at this lot…

Now I have 48 Cosmos babies…..


New seed baby already!!!

I was completely shocked this morning to see that one of the cosmos seeds had germinated already. That is about 36 hours(ish):



New for 2018…

I sowed a whole batch of seeds today. Some from my garden last year, some from packets and some from friends gardens.


Aquilegia, basil, coreopsis, cosmos (3 colours), musk mallow, nigella, Passion flower, poppies (red & pink) and rudbeckia. 112 plugs/pots in total.

New butterfly in the garden….

I collected this little fella as a caterpillar a few weeks ago. He was around for a few days then turned into a pupa. Ten days later this gorgeous creature emerged from it’s chrysalis and we released it in the garden, on to the buddleia. Firstly I could not believe that it didn’t fly off straight away, then what came next was quite incredible……

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Spring bulbs part 2…

I have been looking around at some of the gorgeous spring bulbs available that I don’t have in the garden yet.

Check out Blooming Directs Spring Bulbs. They have some beautiful alliums, iris, hyacinths, cyclamen and the list goes on. They also have great spring bulb collections and an excellent gift idea of the ‘Drop In’ Bulb Pods.


It’s definately going to be alliums for me (if nothing else), they will give some great height amongst the perennials that will just be starting to flourish in May and June next year and an early start for attracting the pollinators.


Spring bulbs…

It’s time to start thinking about bulbs for a gorgeous spring display….

I love tulips and there are just so many varieties. This was my favourite from this year (see photo1 below). Trouble is I bought a tulip mix and have no idea what this one is called.

Then of course there is the lovely crocus which starts the spring off early with purple, white and yellow (see photo 2 below).

Last, but not least, you can’t have bulbs without daffodils, hopefully these will double for next spring (see photo 3 below).


First CrocusDaff2

These are just the ones that I already have in the garden, the ones I would like…………now there is a whole different matter.


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